1)  Move to Amend has compiled a useful list of articles with an emphasis on the issue of corporate personhood.  Think corporations should be considered people for legal purposes?  Think again.  For info:  Click Here. 


2) Money in Politics 101:   Jonathan Backer, at the Brennan Center For Justice, has put together a brief primer on publicly-financed elections.  It’s a complicated topic and this is a good introduction.  Want to understand what Super PACs are, and why they are the result of the Citizens United decision?   This article is for you.  Becker’s sub-title is “What you Need to Know About Campaign Finance After Citizens United“.    Click here.


3) Dark Money Politics:   The real scandal in the IRS is the misuse of the tax-exempt status “Sec. 501(c)(4)”  which is supposedly for “social welfare” organizations.   Thomas Edsall, a Columbia University Professor of Journalism, points out in this article that requirements for public disclosure have been rendered “toothless by regulatory loopholes”.  Thus, he notes that the flow of cash through these groups has grown from $5.2 million in 2006 to $310.8 in 2012.  He states that the “one reason” for this is that 501(c)(4) groups do not have to reveal donors.  Thus the growth of Dark Money.  Want to know what the term “money churning” means?  Read the article here.