Listed below are highlights of activities and events from various parts of the new “Democracy Movement”.   These examples are only some of the many organizations that are creating a new “Democracy Movement” in America — a movement to reclaim our political institutions from control by “big money”, from huge corporations and extremely wealthy individuals.

Public Citizen
1) PUBLIC CITIZEN: Public Citizen has organized support for a rule proposed in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require publicly traded corporations to disclose all their political spending. Details at: Go to this page and add your name to those urging the SEC to adopt this rule.
2) MOVE TO AMEND: MTA’s exciting news is that their proposed “We The People Amendment” was introduced in Congress. Calling this a “historic moment”, MTA describes the Amendment and its introduction in Congress by Representatives Rick Nolan (MN) and Mark Pocan (WI) at:


3) People For the American Way : PFAW re-launched for 2013 its “Declaration for Democracy” campaign, supported by US Representatives Don Edwards (MD), Ted Deutch (FL), Keith Ellison (MN), James P. McGovern(MA), and John Yarmuth (KY). The “Declaration for Democracy” calls for a Constitutional Amendment to undo Citizens United and get unlimited corporate and special interest money out of elections. PFAW urges you to ask YOUR Congressman to sign the Declaration for Democracy. See:
 4) REPRESENT.US: is the coalition sponsoring the American Anti-Corruption Act. See: They are organizing a direct challenge to the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear a new case McCutcheon v. FEC. This case could, as stated by, “…make things even worse by eliminating our few remaining campaign contribution laws: a knockout punch…This is Citizens United, Round 2…”. is collecting signatures and will deliver them to the Supreme Court demanding that the Court “…use your power to preserve the few donor laws still in place. …”. To add your name, go to:
5) ROOTSTRIKERS: Rootstrikershas petitioned the Federal Election Commission for a hearing on super PAC regulation.
Rootstrikers has also launched an initiative to hold politicians accountable “On the Record” on the issue of money in politics:
6) FREE SPEECH FOR PEOPLE: FSFP announced that Rep. Jim McGovern (MA) introduced two proposed Constitutional Amendments to overrule Citizens United. One amendment, the Campaign Finance Amendment, empowers Congress and the States to regulate political spending. The second proposed amendment, the People’s Rights Amendment, addresses corporate rights and clarifies that corporations are not people. See:
FSFP also solicits your public support for the proposed amendments:
7) COMMON CAUSE: Common Cause has a petition campaign aimed at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), demanding that the FCC start enforcing its own rules and require disclosure in political TV ad spending.
8) League of Women Voters–Michigan: The LWV-Michigan organized a series of forums on “Dark Money in Judicial Selection”. Speakers were Rich Robinson, Ex. Director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, and Hon. Marilyn Kelly, retired Justice, Michigan Supreme Court. One session was held in Ann Arbor, and a video of that panel is online, click here.Two more sessions were held: Oakland University on March 11th, at 7pm, and Cooley Law School, Lansing, on March 12th, 7:00pm. Details at: