Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission...

Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission opinion wordle (Photo credit: llaannaa)

     The US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, Jan. 2010, changed our electoral system as we know it. Overwhelmingly, polls show that public opinion believes it was for the worst.  The Citizens United decision was the culmination of legal steps that now allow undisclosed, unregulated, and unknown money to flood local, state and federal elections.

  (1)   Many state and local governmental  jurisdictions have spoken out about the impact of Citizens United. Resolutions passed by various city and town councils, state legislative bodies, and by popular referendum, include calls to disclose and regulate “Big Money” in elections and in state and federal legislatures.   These resolutions advocate state and federal legislation, and federal constitutional amendments,  to overrule the impact of the Citizens United decision.  

United For the People has compiled a growing list of state and local actions in response to Citizens United.  See


   (2)  Already, sixteen  states have specifically passed resolutions, either by referendum or by their legislature, calling on Congress to initiate procedures to amend the US Constitution to overrule the Supreme Court decision


Many private civic groups and private associations have similarly adopted resolutions calling for reform and regulations of Big Money in politics. See: ………………………………………..